Industrial Ventilation  |  Examples

A large portion of our business is built around the design, fabrication, and installation of air, water, and sound pollution control systems.

We have industrial ventilation designers on staff who can provide complete design and troubleshooting services, such as:

  • process analysis - air flow, particulate/dust control, and capture, exhaust and collection needs
  • selection of proper volume, pressure, sound reduction/dampening and horsepower requirements
  • design, build and maintenance of hoods, plenums, ducts, collectors/bag houses, cyclones, wet scrubbers, fan arrangements, exhausts & enclosures
  • static and dynamic fan balancing
  • collector start-up and leak testing
  • industrial fans (rebuilt fan wheels & housings)

We can procure and install your replacement collector parts: bags, cages, Venturi tubes, tubesheets, screw conveyors, cartridges, access doors, and more…

Our solutions are designed to use the minimum amounts of air and energy, and to effectively contain process exhaust and by-product, resulting in safer working conditions, environmental compliance, and reductions in costs for our customers.